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Furniture Investment Guide

Thank you for your interest in Home by Hattan’s Furniture Investment Guide. This helpful tool will give you a budget breakdown for furnishing each room of your home with low-end to high-end estimates.

Just scroll down to enter your name and email,and you will be redirected to the guide.

Dining room design

Your home is your haven. And when it comes to furnishing and decorating your home, you want it to reflect you, right? (A stylized version of you!) After all, the home is where you can showcase your family's treasures, tell your family's story, and make everyone who lives there feel comfortable and right at home. And, of course, you want to create a welcoming sanctuary where friends can gather together once we are able!

Creating a home that fits your needs and reflects your family is an investment. Enhancing your quality of life is priceless.

Before you begin designing, it is important that you have a realistic understanding of what it may cost to furnish the rooms in your home. Whether you have collected items over the years, inherited furniture from family members, or want a fresh new start, We always want our families to know the cost up front, so no surprises come their way.

That's why we've created this investment guide to help walk you through the estimated costs, so you can determine where you'd like to splurge and where you'd like to save.

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After you review the furniture investment guide, we can work together to select pieces that reflect your style and meet your budget, so we can move to the next phase - designing your home.

Karen Hattan Lead Designer

Whether you're looking to create a calming work space or redesigning your home because of a new challenge, I'm here to help turn your dream into your dream home.

Together, we can create a functional, beautiful home, so you can connect with loved ones and entertain in style. 

Exceptional Design for Exceptional Families

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