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Create a Successful Work & School

Thank you for your interest in our guide: Create a Successful Work & School Environment at Home. This helpful tool provides practical ideas to make your space more functional, relaxing, and beautiful.

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Office decor

As a former educator, I understand the stress some parents are experiencing right now as you try to juggle working from home and educating your children. As a designer, I hope to provide you with practical ideas to make your space more functional and relaxing in this unusual and stressful time.

Some simple things like working with lighting, setting a schedule, considering work styles, and being realistic can help you establish a successful environment for both you and your children.

In additional to being functional, an at-home office should provide adequate storage and organizational features, so you can be your most productive without distractions. We hope our guide can help you get your ideas flowing, and we are happy to help you pull it all together.

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Whether you are now working from home, your children are in virtual school, or you just need a more functional, refreshing office space, we can help.

Karen Hattan Lead Designer

Whether you're looking to create a calming work space or redesigning your home because of a new challenge, I'm here to help turn your dream into your dream home.

Together, we can create a functional, beautiful home, so you can connect with loved ones and entertain in style. 

Exceptional Design for Exceptional Families

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