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Classically modern interiors and remodels for today's busy families.

We love to help you live beautifully at home.
Family Room

Whether you are seeking to refresh your decor or desire a full-scale renovation, there's no need to go it alone or feel overwhelmed - we provide comprehensive services and processes to create your custom home in an enjoyable and efficient way!

All good design starts with a plan, a plan that brings beauty and functionality to your home, enhancing your quality of life. (That's why we do what we do, to elevate your quality of life at home!)

You may choose to work with us for the design plan only through a Design Consultation or a Designer for a Day Session, or you may choose Full-Service in which we manage the implementation and take care of all the details for you.
However you choose to work with us, we would love to help you live beautifully at home!

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We are proud to offer our very own General Contractor, Mark Hattan, to provide construction and implementation services for our designs! The Home by Hattan Design Team will create your design plan, then following the approval of your design plan, the Home by Hattan Build Team works in conjunction with the Design Team to bring your dream home to life, implementing the plans with quality materials, attention to detail, and care. 

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Teal Kitchen
Frequently Asked Questions?
  • So how does this work? Build + Design?
    In short answer, Karen and the Design Team plans the project, and Mark and the Build Team implements the plans and you will enter into contract with each entity separately, just as you would if you employed a separate contracting company. Their services will overlap, of course, as they each advise and consult with each other over the course of your project, which benefits all.
  • What if I don't need Full Service Design or full Contracting Services? Can you recommend Trade Professionals?
    Partnering with professional tradespeople is a crucial part of our business. For our Consultation-Only or Designer-for-a-Day Clients, you can receive contact information for tradespeople to partner with on your own to implement any design plans we came up with during our consultation.
  • Will you work with my Contractor?
    Yes. While we prefer working as a Team (HbyH Design + Build) to manage your project, we can work with yours. As part of our process, we will work closely with your contractor in order to communicate the design vision and also ensure it’s executed with the highest industry standards. We will serve as your liaison and will assist with any bottlenecks or concerns that arise during the construction process. We can also work with your Architect if you have one.
  • Do I have to include Home by Hattan Design Services for my renovation?
    Yes. There are many aesthetic and spatial design decisions to be made, even with a simple refresh of tile or paint colors or light fixtures, and we want you to be happy with how your renovation looks and functions. If you already have architectural drawings or other space plans, we can certainly use them, but of course we need to review them. If you have an idea of the tile or other aesthetic choices you want, we will assist with selections to ensure a beautiful, cohesive and professionally designed look. We will tailor our design services to your project needs, and we can talk through your service options during our Discovery Call.
  • What if I want to add to my project scope during the project?
    Due to your project’s scheduling, we’ll want to complete the current scope before adding additional areas. Of course we’d love to continue working with you and would be happy to draw up a new proposal and contract with the additional areas once our project wraps up, or as time allows.
  • Can I help you shop for items?
    It may be tempting, but that is what you are hiring us to do! We’ll take the time to discover & document your preferences in detail - including any items you want incorporated into your design - during our Explore & Establish Phase, and then we use that information to guide our selections as we move through the rest of your project. Any items purchased without the Design Team's input will only change your design and delay your project, so stick to the plan, avoid the overwhelm, and allow us to Plan & Purchase for you! (Consultation and Designer-for-a-Day Clients will be given links to purchase products on their own, but are still encouraged to stick to the plan!)
  • What if there are issues?
    We'll be working together for an extended period of time, and there may be delays or other frustrations along the way. It is our commitment to manage any issues and provide beautiful solutions so that you are enjoying the process and are thrilled with the end result. We offer open and honest communication throughout the project, using weekly emails and scheduled meetings, and you are never left in the dark. So while we may experience ups and downs, our goal is to provide an exceptional client experience that results in your beautiful home.
  • How often can we talk? How do you communicate?
    Once we've officially started your project, you can expect to hear from us about once a week, as we offer Weekly Project Updates. We communicate throughout the project via email, via our design software Design Files, and during scheduled meetings. We're always available by email during business hours and are happy to schedule calls to talk should something come up. We’ll find out upfront how involved you want to be - then we’ll manage the communication from there so you can enjoy the process without overwhelm or anxiety.
  • What if I don't love the design?
    Rest assured, YOU are at the heart of every design. The exploration phase of our process is incredibly detailed and thorough so we gain a complete understanding of your design style and lifestyle. You are also provided opportunities for feedback and a certain number of revisions within the project process. In cases where you are unsure of an item and it's something we know you'll love, we'll state our case as to why it's "the one" for you. These items are oftentimes the ones our clients tell us they love most! But rest assured that YOU are always at the heart of every design.
  • How many revisions will I get?
    You are given opportunities for feedback during the initial stages of your project, and also Included in your project are two rounds of revisions, one following each design presentation. Additional revision requests or the inability to make decisions in a timely manner are often the most common reasons for exceeding the project’s design budget and not meeting the standard timeline.
  • Who is responsible for damages?
    We pride ourselves on selecting trusted contractors and vendors, but sometimes unfortunate things do happen. In the case of furnishings that are delivered to a receiving warehouse, our receivers will notify us of damages as items are inspected, giving the Design Team enough time to reach out to the vendor and try to rectify the situation. If you are receiving product directly to your home, you must inspect for damages upon receipt of item, in order to do the same. In construction mishaps, these will be rectified by the Contractor or Sub-Contractors.
  • What if I don't like an item after seeing it in person?
    Depending on the vendor, especially when it comes to custom goods, refunds or exchanges are not usually possible. That being said, we order samples of materials for you to see and touch and feel whenever possible, and we attend industry trade shows where we personally touch and feel and research our vendor's products. We only recommend products that meet our quality standards.
  • Can items be shipped to my home?
    Construction materials are managed by the contractor and are often delivered directly to the home. For furnishings– smaller goods may be shipped to your home, but more often than not, the vendor will require shipments of product to a receiving warehouse where the products will be carefully unpackaged, inspected, safely stored, and prepped for white glove delivery at the time of installation.
  • Can I be home for the installation?
    In our experience, it’s much safer and more efficient to complete furniture installations in a home free of pets and family members, so we will find something fun for you to be out of the house while we install! This helps us dedicate our full and complete attention to all of the small details that help make a house a home, and also makes way for the very best part – the big reveal!
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