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Home By Hattan Design + Build

Mark is our licensed General Contractor, and your Renovation Expert for all levels of projects, big or small.  From feature walls to kitchen upgrades to full home renovations, Mark will take care of you.  Mark’s process includes Karen’s expert design and service to ensure a beautiful result.  Together, they are a power team, providing a seamless and enjoyable experience to renew your love of home.


Design + Build Team Approach


The Build Team follows the same process and works in partnership with the Design Team through all phases of work, advising and then implementing the design plan, to ensure your beautiful and successful outcome.

Complimentary Discovery Call

01. Discover

Explore & Establish  
While Karen and the Design Team explore the vision for your project and establish the project scope and initial project plans, the Build Team provides consult and advice regarding any renovation aspects, including a site visit and a preliminary renovation estimate. This phase culminates with the creation of your Custom Project Overview Guide - which includes estimated fees and an overview of the entire project - and an invitation to complete your renovation with Home by Hattan.

02. Design Development 
Design & Selections

Referring to your Project Overview Guide created by Karen and the Design Team, the Build Team finalizes the formal proposal for renovation services, and provides a materials selections list with allowances and preferred vendors for the aesthetic selections needed for your renovation. The Build Team then begins scheduling building permit applications, trade professionals, and managing the material purchases while the Design Team creates the designs, drawings, and plans. Selections of cohesive materials, finishes, furnishings, colors, and decor are presented for your approval and then purchased on your behalf.

03. Implement
Execution of Plans & Project Management 

With materials and plans in hand, the physical transformation begins! Mark and the Build Team handle the construction and the project management of your renovation - overseeing the demolition, supplies, construction, trades, installation, and final inspections.  Karen and Mark meet weekly (or more!) to ensure all is going to plan during the entire Implementation Phase, as they work together to confirm all installations are completed to your happy satisfaction -- including your furnishings and decor -- to make sure you are thrilled with your home! 
They would love an invitation to your Sip & See Celebration!


Will you work with my Contractor?

Yes. While we prefer working as a Team (HbyH Design + Build) to manage your project, the Design Team can work with yours. As part of our process, we will work closely with your contractor in order to communicate the design vision and also ensure it’s executed with the highest industry standards. We will serve as your liaison and will assist with any bottlenecks or concerns that arise during the construction process. We can also work with your Architect if you have one.

So how does this work? Build + Design?

In short answer, Karen and the Design Team plans the project, and Mark and the Build Team implements the plans. You will enter into contract with each entity separately, just as you would if you employed a separate contracting company. Their services will overlap, of course, as they each advise and consult with each other over the course of your project, which benefits all.

Do I have to include Home by Hattan
Design Services for a renovation?

Yes. There are many aesthetic and spatial design decisions to be made, even with a simple refresh of tile or paint colors or light fixtures, and we want you to be happy with how your renovation looks and functions. If you already have architectural drawings or other space plans, we can certainly use them, but of course we need to review them. If you have an idea of the tile or other aesthetic choices you want, we confer with you to make those selections, ensuring a beautiful, cohesive professionally designed look. We will tailor our design services to your project needs, and we can talk through your service options during our Discovery Call.

What if I want to add to my project scope during the Build or Design?

We take the time to explore all your ideas and then establish your entire scope during our Explore & Establish Phase. If you decide to add to the scope following the Explore & Establish Phase, due to scheduling our trades and our team, we’ll need to address those additional areas as our schedule allows -- which is usually after our scheduled project wraps up. We will be happy to draw up a new proposal and contract and continue working with you as we can!

Home by Hattan Build includes Home by Hattan Design Expertise

Mark has been overseeing our retail and home construction projects for years. His attention to detail, professionalism, and diverse skills are unmatched. As a female business owner with a predominantly female team, I value how he excels in any work environment. Mark is reliable, patient, kind, and highly respected. His work stands out due to his honesty, dedication, and exceptional skill set. We trust him implicitly for every project - his professionalism and commitment shine through.

-  Ginny R.

Owner, Vinnie Louise Boutiques

Franklin | East Nashville | 12 South

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