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How We Designed for a Privacy Dilemma

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

Hi guys! It has been a minute since I have posted a blog, mostly because I’ve been very busy sending my boys into the real world. Here is a picture of both of their graduations this spring as we prepare for them to move this fall.

Joseph graduated from The University of North Carolina

Ben graduated from Christ Presbyterian Academy

My heart is full of emotions. I am very proud of my young men and their accomplishments. These world changers are taking the next step in their journey…Ben is attending The University of Georgia this fall and Joseph moved to California to pursue his dream! I love their drive and determination and their friendship. Parents of littles hear this…your children will grow and reach the point where you are no longer in the trenches, teaching them daily and training them up on how to be responsible adults. The training will be worth it when you see them achieve big things…and the added benefit? Your relationship changes to more of a friendship. It is bitter-sweet because I love their company, yet no longer have them full-time under my roof. The trade-off? I get to spend more time with my #1 man, Mark Hattan!

Coming Soon…

I do have some wonderful Home By Hattan news that I’m going to roll out this fall. Be on the lookout for it because it’s going to be BIG! I’m so excited to share it with you!

In the meantime, I thought I would share a few projects that I worked on and completed during Covid (or possibly completed before COVID!). But since it’s very hard to photograph a project during a global pandemic, we are just now getting many projects photographed and documented! So over the next few weeks I will share some pretty pictures, some Befores and Afters, and the story behind some of these projects. I hope you take a little time to follow along and enjoy. If you want to know more, or what it’s like to work with us, and how we can help you, feel free to reach out! And don’t forget my big news in just a few weeks! Now onto the pretty pictures…

Project Highlight: Bathroom Renos

Here is a bathroom that I completed during Covid and have not had a chance to get professionally photographed, but was such a transformation I thought I would share. Photos kindly shared by my client, Jennifer. 🙂

Master Bathroom – AFTER Renovation

Design: Home by Hattan

The most challenging factor in this bathroom was improving the functionality – the homeowner really wanted to replace the tub with a large shower and create storage where the previous shower stood. Below is a picture of this same corner before renovation. *Notice the window!

Master Bathroom – BEFORE Renovation – a common installation of the 90s – large corner tub under large window

Natural Light + Privacy

The existing window was approximately 4′ x 4′ and although not a clear pane, if this were to become a shower, my client wanted more privacy than this large glass block afforded her AND it needed to be watertight on the interior. Instead of completely walling up the window, I found a solution to keep some of that natural light. The contractor framed in a new opening, maintaining the same length as the previous window to avoid reframing the header, then installed the new window!

The result…my client can shower in privacy, but not in the dark! 🙂

What was previously the shower space became a storage area for towels and other supplies. (see below)

Updating this space and making it function better was worth the messy renovation that had to happen before it became the beautiful space we designed.

Renovation can be a bit daunting! Contract work provided by KACE Construction

The vision is coming together

And here is the completed Master Bathroom!

One More Small Project to Share

Renovating a kids’ bathroom may be low on your list of priorities, but even a small renovation can make a big impact! My client not only wanted to update her master bathroom, she wanted to update the upstairs kids’ bathroom – light, bright, and colorful!

Upstairs Bathroom Renovation Before & After

Although this renovation was not quite as messy as the master bathroom, the new flooring, cabinet, fun mirror, countertop and backsplash made a big impact in this space. We added color and a lot more fun, don’t you think?!

Are you considering a renovation? Contact us and we will walk you through our services and how we can help with the planning and the selections of items needed to complete your design project, including construction items, fixtures, finishes, furnishings, and decor. The selections for Jennifer’s Master Bathroom (shown below) were from Floor & Decor.

Home by Hattan Provides Color & Pattern Coordination

A bathroom floor can be the perfect place to bring in color and pattern. Especially when it’s for the kids!

Thanks for joining me on this tour of bathroom renovations! My client loves the end result and I loved helping her.

Renovating spaces can be complex and a bit overwhelming, but with my help, I can guide your choices and provide construction support so the work proceeds with general conformity to the design plan. To get started on your next home project, check out my free design guides. You can also search my blogs to read about other Renovation projects.

At Home by Hattan, I strive to bring beauty and functional design to every project. My goal is to renew your love of home! To chat about my services or to talk about your project goals, schedule a complimentary discovery call.

Let’s Do This!

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