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Do You LOVE Your Home?

Renovations renew your love of home!

Do you love your home? Most of us have aspects of our home that we love, and aspects of our home that we do NOT love! If there are parts of your home that are not serving you, a good makeover or remodel might be just the ticket to help you fall in love with your house again!

Here are three reasons to undergo a home makeover (and keep in mind, if Home by Hattan is your reno partner, we are with you every. single. step of the way -- we guide you and help you through the hundreds of decisions and ups and downs of any home remodeling project so you don't have to go it alone!):

1. Better Functionality

Rearranging your home brings positive changes that allow your space to better function and support your day-to-day activities. Remodels and redesigns allow you to make improvements such as adding needed storage, creating better flow from one space to the next, fixing drawers that seem to always get stuck, creating bedrooms or playrooms for your kids, grandkids, or guests - you can even enlarge your kitchen so that all your family can actually fit in it. Not to mention today's furnishings and rugs that are "performance grade" and can stand up to spills, stains, dogs, kids, coffee, wine ... all of life ... so even your furnishings can offer more functionality.

To create better functionality and flow, we transformed the previously sunken living room+dining room combination by leveling the floor, and transforming the dining room space into separate pantry and laundry rooms. By leveling the floor and removing the railing, we created better - and safer - flow, and by creating a pantry AND a laundry room (with walls and cabinets and appliances!) we created much more usable space for the homeowner. Beauty + Function for the win!

2. Enhancement of Lifestyle

You can personalize your remodeling plans, to enhance the way you want to live!

Do you want a home gym, or a stylish room to entertain clients or friends? Do you want your teens to hang out with their friends in YOUR rec room, and not someone else’s house? Do you want to host football-watching parties but there is just not enough room? Do you want to bake cookies with your grandkids? Do you just want room for your whole family to gather at Christmas?  Whatever you like to do, and however you want to live … a reconfiguration of your home space allows you to reimagine and re-create your space for however you want to live.

A place to entertain, work, relax, cook, play -- whatever you like to do in your home, let's make a beautiful space for that!

3. Update your look

Does your home feel dingy, old, or outdated to you? Are you over it? Renovations, remodels, and redesigns can really transform the look and feel of your home, updating the style and helping you to fall in love with your home again. You can replace your windows to let in more light (bonus: more energy efficient too!) - and update the window treatments while you're at it; trade your outdated light fixtures for fabulous statement-makers; purchase furniture that actually coordinates and feels comfortable and stylish; paint your walls or your kitchen cabinets – you can even update the look of your brick, stone, or tile. As part of our design process, we help you identify your style and all the wish list items to create your wonderful new look!

Before and After Bath Style Refresh

Before and After Kitchen Remodel

We LOVE Renovations!

We absolutely LOVE renovating and redesigning homes! A good makeover allows you to create changes that really enhance your quality of life – not to mention how a beautiful environment makes you FEEL.

How do we do it? We start by getting to know you, your home, your lifestyle, and your vision. Then we help you design the space and select the items that will create the function and feel you desire - and we follow through to happy completion by providing the contractors, trade professionals, and installers to make our plans a reality.

It all starts with a Discovery Call with Karen! Let's do this, let's renew your love of home together!

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