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The Saga Continues (Renovating or Redecorating During the COVID Era, Part 2)

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Oh y'all, the saga continues. I know many of you were like me, hoping that COVID19 would be eradicated by now and we could get back to our "normal" lives. Unfortunately, the Delta variant and the Mu variant are not only heavily affecting life here, but COVID is hitting Southeast Asia particularly hard. The whole world is feeling the impact and disruption this causes. (Read related post from one of my vendor/suppliers here.)

This past June I wrote a blog post about "What It's Like Renovating (or Redecorating) During the Covid Era." With much chagrin, I am writing this update:

Delays, Backorders, and Surcharges Continue.

*Heavy sigh.* About every other day I receive an email from a vendor, stating delays and surcharges to cover their shipping and production costs.

However, attitude is everything!

As we celebrated our nation's birthday this summer, I was reminded of the challenges our forefathers faced. The colonies fought relentlessly against a power that seemed insurmountable. The determination of the people to not be subject to British rule, but to claim freedom, is the foundation on which our country was built. That same fighting spirit is alive and well today in our country.

The 20-year remembrances of 9/11 reminded me of our resilience and our spirit as well.

We are America. Our country has overcome many scary situations, challenges, obstacles, and would-be oppressors through the centuries. It isn't pretty, and it isn't perfect, but we have remained America, Home of the Free and the Brave.

I am convinced that with that same determination, we will carry on. COVID will not crush us!

Moving on, Enhancing your Quality of Life

Helping clients love their homes again is one way I can contribute to making life a little brighter. The challenges in updating a home can seem overwhelming. One thing always seems to lead to another, right?! Sometimes home projects are not viewed as enjoyable and often people put off their "Honey Do" lists. Others are discouraged by the cost of supplies and delays in receiving home appliances and furnishings. And some are just so busy, home projects keep being put off and put off.

You don't have to "go it alone!"

I work for you and I'm in your corner! I have learned a lot through this pandemic, ways to troubleshoot and work around obstacles that threatened to stall or stop progress on my clients' projects. Part of my job is helping clients navigate through the delays and backorders. With a wealth of resources and relationships, I can make the process a whole lot smoother, guiding you through, helping you make wise design decisions, and bringing you peace of mind.

I can't stop COVID, and I can't reopen factories or shipping ports. I have no control over surcharges or items suddenly on backorder .... but ... I can certainly be your "Design Sherpa" through it all! Helping you find other solutions, or continuing with other design features as we wait for that special item to come through!

I'm right here with ya'!

Remember, I have been through it, too!

Below is a photo of my own bathroom renovation/update I undertook earlier this year. These cabinets took twice as long as expected to come in -- about the time I expected them to arrive, I received a message the cabinets were back-ordered an extra 5 to 6 weeks!

Bathroom Renovation in the works - pardon the cellphone quality photo!

So, you know what I did after I received the news that I would have no bathroom for an extra month and a half? (Well, AFTER I sulked and pouted for a moment .... haha!) I decided I would be brave and maybe try some wallpaper in the bathroom. I took that extra time I found myself with, to order some samples and play with them, and I found the perfect wallpaper for my bathroom! AND I LOOOOOOVE it!

I am so glad I took the time to explore this possibility and find the right wallpaper (including the price!). I think the wallpaper really makes this bathroom special.

Life is Challenging, Your Home Doesn't Have to Be!

Your home should be your Happy Place!

If your bedroom, or your home office, or your family room, or even your back porch has you feeling stressed or overwhelmed or sad -- whatever project you have on your list of "To Dos" -- take the steps necessary today, to move forward!

You can let me be your "Design Sherpa" and guide your design projects through this continuing saga of COVID and other natural disasters that have caused us all so much stress and heartache.

Your style is my style, your needs and wants drive my designs, as I love to create happy homes for my clients!

You can see some of my work HERE, and you can schedule a free Discovery Call with me HERE.

Stay strong and carry on! Let's create your Happy Home!

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