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Spring is Here!

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

Spring is in the Air in Nashville, TN! Finally!!!

Thoughts of bunnies, birds, and blooms! Feelings of brightness and hope after the long winter! Hope…looking ahead in anticipation…something I have been longing for and now we are seeing warmer temperatures and more sunshine! So many wonderful things to love about springtime! Well, there is lots of pollen too, but let’s not talk about that … 😊

I love the freshness of spring, and the colors that accompany it. Don’t you?

Decorating with pastels and spring colors always feels fresh, but so can decorating

with neutrals!

Handwoven Bench by Serena & Lily, Globe Light Chandelier by Pottery Barn,

Wall Sconce by Quorum

Neutrals Allow for Pops of Color!

The above image is a conceptual design board for some clients who just moved into a new home in Brentwood, TN, and I helped them with some light renovations: selecting new paint, new lighting, and furnishings. These clients requested a neutral palette that brings the outdoors in, with some modern dramatic accents, so we did just that! Once they have unpacked and settled in a bit, we plan to add some pops of color with artwork, pillows, and window treatments!

Many of my clients prefer a neutral palette. And I must admit, having a neutral palette can feel fresh and relaxing. Working with a neutral base also allows for small color accents or textural elements to shine. These accent pieces can easily be changed out to create the look you love for a particular season. So, even if you love a soft neutral palette, don’t be afraid to embrace a little color here and there!

Transition from Winter to Spring With New Accessories

To show how simple it is to change your accessories with the season, I have my foyer shown below, the first image shows it decorated for spring, and the second for winter and Christmas. Pillows, artwork and other decor give a home personality and coziness. Therefore, switching out your pillows, throw blankets, and in some cases, art, can be an inexpensive way to freshen up your home and change its look quickly and dramatically. Click here to read my blog on How to Create a Cozy Home – All Year Long.

Wallpaper for the Win!

Wallpaper is a great option when considering a refresh. If covering an entire room in wallpaper seems excessive, consider applying it to just one wall. This will add visual interest and color. Wallpaper has come a long way (some designer wallpapers are now available as “removable” wallcoverings!) and can give your room a luxurious feel and a touch of that “something special.” Also, a floral wallpaper will bring spring to your room year-round!

A fresh new look for an existing bathroom

Design: Home by Hattan

There are so many options for wallpaper, it can be hard to choose! One of my personal projects at home was selecting a gorgeous new wallpaper by Morris & Co for my front living room to compliment my new custom cabinetry, which is painted a deep teal blue. As I said, I love color and I am loving this room’s bold accent wall! Stay tuned for more on that story…including pictures!

(Here’s a sneak peek at the wallpaper I chose!)

Home by Hattan Projects with Personality!

Below are some projects from the vault of Home by Hattan that convey feelings of spring to me. I hope you find inspiration and excitement in this season. Happy Spring!

Kitchen with Color

Design: Home by Hattan Photography by Rick Granger, Showcase Photographers

This white and bright kitchen is a showpiece with its dramatic sideboard, balanced perfectly by the dreamy blue color on the island. If you want color for your cabinets, but don’t want color overload, this is a great solution! Your accessories can easily be changed out with the seasons, bringing in additional color and fresh elements (peep those pretty yellow sunflowers!).

Office with Soft Palette

Design: Home by Hattan Photography by Rick Granger, Showcase Photographers

Shabby chic home office with loads of personality feels a bit like spring with pops of pink and blue – and check out that cute flower-shaped coffee table! From the artwork to the gorgeous tufted settee, this space feels feminine, inspiring and fabulous! ~Franklin, TN

Living Room Showpiece

This client’s sitting room went from blah to ah-hah! With some happy doses of blue and yellow color, it is elegant, without being too formal.

Create Your Outdoor Oasis

Freshening up your home is not limited to the interior spaces. It’s spring…time to move back outdoors! Outdoor living areas may have been underutilized in the winter, but in anticipation of barbeques and front porch sittin’, your porch or deck may need some TLC. Similarly, I recommend fresh paint and new pillows and cushions for outdoor furniture to help create a beautiful and welcoming entertainment space to enjoy with family and friends. Photo below courtesy of Country Living.

I am currently working on a design project in Nashville, TN that includes a large deck that the homeowners desire to turn into their outdoor hangout spot. We have already painted the ceiling “haint blue” like in the photo above (a true Southern tradition)! More to come on that…but in the meantime you can read my blog on Outdoor Oasis in Small Spaces for design tips on turning your patio or deck into your relaxing and comfortable retreat this spring.

Here’s to Spring and Happy Homes!

We hope this blog has given you some inspiration and ideas on how to welcome spring into your home! We so enjoy helping create homes that are inviting and happy, just like spring! By taking that extra measure of decorating, you show intentionality and care, and create your own little happy space for yourself or your family.

Here at Home by Hattan, we strive to be intentional in showing appreciation for our clients and spreading joy, and so last week we took some time to deliver a little “happy” to grace their porches or gardens this spring! We hope yours is happy too!

Want to know more about Home by Hattan? We would love to hear from you! If you are planning a project that needs professional guidance, whether it is for renovation selections, color consultation, or full design, we welcome the opportunity to be your design partner! Contact me to schedule a complimentary discovery call.

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