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Exciting News For Clients!

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

I have some news that I've been very excited to share with you all and it's finally time! We've been working on this aspect of Home by Hattan for a few months now and this is really going to make a huge difference for our clients.

Home by Hattan Build

I would like to introduce Home by Hattan Build to my clients!

My husband, Mark, is in the final stages of getting his General Contractor's license in order to bring this added value to Home by Hattan. We are so excited about how this is going to make the journey from design to build to completion so much easier and faster.

I currently work with some fantastic contractors and will continue to do so, but unfortunately, not all contractors are equally fabulous. (We've all heard the stories, and perhaps you have had a bad experience yourself.) We hope to provide real value to our Clients, by only working with the best! And because my husband has always loved doing fix-it types of jobs and small builds for my clients and our own home in the past, we thought this would be a natural fit for us!

We will combine our talents and create an efficient process, to provide successful renovation and design projects, for you our dear Clients and Clients-To-Be.

Karen and Mark Hattan at the Daou Winery in Paso Robles, California

Fireplace surround and new mantel. Designed by Karen Hattan, built by Mark Hattan.

Not a Surprise to Many!

Mark is not new to the Home by Hattan business, of course. I have put him to work on lots of HbyH projects already as my installer and handyman. Some of you probably met him in your own home when he installed art, draperies, or light fixtures, or possibly he helped move furniture or roll out rugs! He has built benches, fireplace surrounds and installed feature walls (such as shiplap) for Clients. He has renovated bathrooms (he has his Home Improvement License already) and has volunteered countless hours at church and on mission trips, offering his skills - not to mention all the work he has done in our own home. I am not sure there is something he can't do! Take a look at the foyer he installed, brick-by-brick, in a herringbone pattern! And soon he will be able to take on larger projects!

Herringbone pattern brick floor. Designed by Karen Hattan, and installed by Mark Hattan.

Moving Forward

Home by Hattan Design and Home by Hattan Build will be operating as two separate entities. Clients will be able to hire the Designer side or the General Contractor side, but if you want both, you got it! This is going to be such an asset for our clients and I can't wait to start moving forward! In addition to having Home by Hattan Build at the ready, we have a Home Organizer we work with, established relationships with a variety of other Tradespeople (including other Contractors we know and trust!), and access to amazing Wholesale Vendors. It truly can be an all-in-one experience when you hire Home by Hattan for your home remodel!

Bathroom Renovation Project. Designed by Karen Hattan, renovated by Mark Hattan.

New Renovation Projects Now Scheduling for 2023!

Home by Hattan loves to enhance your quality of life, by bringing both function and beauty to all the rooms of your house -- even the smallest rooms and most often overlooked spaces! Take a step today in renewing your love of home and Schedule a free Discovery Call with me. Working with clients on full-service design renovations or design selections for a renovation sometimes involves balancing one's personal style with the style of the home, and we have lots of experience.

New renovation projects now scheduling for 2023. Design in a Day and Design Consultations can be scheduled now!

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