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Here’s How to Pick Art for Your Home When Staging, According to the Pros

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I had the great pleasure of working with Redfin on an article about using artwork in staging your home to sell. Most of you know the real estate market is crazy right now, and it is certainly a seller’s market, but incorporating tried and true staging methods, when selling your house, will still help you get the highest offer — hopefully one tens of thousands over asking price.

When asked by Redfin what my recommendations are for using artwork in home staging, I replied, “Use art to help you sell the home, remove art that sells you or your story, and instead hang only the art pieces that create feelings of happiness to people outside of your family. Art evokes emotion, and so when staging a home, use art to evoke emotions of happiness, welcome, peace, light, and ‘upscale style.’ For example, remove wedding pictures and personal photos from a bedroom, and hang art with subtle colors and shapes. Softly colored landscapes or abstracts create feelings of peace and light that are very calming and are not too personal. In a living area, use more lively colors and larger pieces, and place them strategically within the room to bring the buyers’ eye to the selling features of the home, such as a fireplace, a wonderful view out a window, or some wonderful built-in shelving.”

Learn more tips from experts around the country by reading the entire Redfin article: “Here’s How to Pick Art for Your Home When Staging, According to the Pros”

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