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2020 Thanksgiving Tablescapes

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

Create a Thanksgiving that is Beautiful and Memorable for Your Loved Ones! (Quickly and Easily!)

Thanksgiving is only two weeks away, and though this year's Thanksgiving Feast may look different than it did in years past, I want to encourage you to not simply skip over Thanksgiving this year, but embrace the opportunity to celebrate and take in the beauty and love that is around you. Even if you have already begun decorating for Christmas, take a moment to celebrate this special day, enjoying the ones who can be with you, and giving thanks for the ones who cannot. So even if it's just you and the folks you've been quarantined with forever, let's make this a special holiday.

Please, set a beautiful table! Use the "good dishes!" Light the candles! I will show you how, using items you already own and items you can find literally in your backyard! You don't have to order a thing from Amazon (or any other place) if you don't want to! I mean, how easy is that!? Go in the backyard, stick some branches in a vase, set the table, eat until you can't eat another bite, then throw the table decor out in the yard! haha!

Please watch my videos to learn how to create several different styles of Thanksgiving tablescapes, using what you have and simply taking just a few minutes to make this holiday special for you and your loved ones.

From my family to yours, wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving and holiday season. I am thankful for you.

Ready to build a Thanksgiving tablescape that fits your home? Check out 4 options to wow your guests in a matter of minutes!

Let's Get Started: Selecting & Trimming Fall Foliage

To create a unique, natural Thanksgiving tablescape, first start with selecting fresh foliage- right from your backyard. Be sure to cut further down the branch and keep in mind that green leaves will keep their color longer. Laurel and holly are great options for both Thanksgiving and Christmas arrangements.

Simply White Tablescape

This simple, clean tablescape stays up all season long at the Hattans. Depending on your desired look, real or faux gourds both work well. This 5-minute tablescape blends beautifully with various decor styles and is easily interchangeable throughout the season.

Colorful and Warm Tablescape

Tennessee's fall leaves are pretty hard to compete with - such rich colors that are so warm and inviting. To really elevate your look, fill your table! Start with creating your centerpiece. Then layer your pieces of china, set out your crystal glassware, and light the candles! Layering all these special pieces and decorating with colorful fall leaves, brass, and copper all add up to create an upscale look. Gorgeous!

Cozy, Rustic Tablescape

Off to the mountains for Thanksgiving? Here is an alternative to a more cozy and intimate setting.

Perfect Plaid Tablescapes

Your perfect Thanksgiving tablescape could be lying in your living room - no really! This perfect plaid tablescape features a great way to repurpose items in your house for your Thanksgiving table setting.

Fresh Entry Arrangements

Creating a taller arrangement? Entry way arrangements are a great way to showcase your taller centerpieces, ensuring you can still talk to grandma from across the table at Thanksgiving.


I hope these designs have inspired you to create a festive Thanksgiving tablescape this year that incorporates the beauty surrounding us.

Happy Thanksgiving, All!


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