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The True Cost of NOT Renovating

Remember that blog post a few weeks back about renovation costs? Packed with useful info to help you plan your costs, you can still check it out HERE if you missed it!

Today, we're flipping the script. We're not talking about the price of renovating, but the cost of not renovating. What does it cost you to skip that home improvement project?

In our experience (both with clients and our own projects!), we've learned that there is something even more important than the renovation price tag: the outcome.

What truly matters is your results. How your life will improve and how you will feel after the project is done. Was the mess, the expense, the hassle all worth it? Absolutely! Because in the end, you'll have a beautiful, functional home that supports your lifestyle. A renewed love of home!

Plus, you will not be undertaking this project on your own! You will be supported and guided and encouraged every step of the way by me and the Home by Hattan Team, creating a much less stressful - dare we say enjoyable - renovation experience!

So, let's explore these hidden costs of putting off that renovation. We have found that when we (or our clients) did not go through with an idea or a project to improve our home, or take the time to design it well, it has cost these important things:

The Hidden Costs of Delaying a Renovation Project


Not tackling those pieces of your home that cause you distress are really robbing you of your peace of mind. Imagine the stress of living with outdated, frustrating features gone. With the expert guidance of a designer and a skilled builder by your side for your whole project, you can experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing you made wise design decisions.

Come home to "ahhhhhhh...."


A well-designed home can boost your well-being. More and more products today are produced with environmentally friendly materials, and installed in such a way to be less harmful to those living in the home.  Furthermore, your home design itself can support a healthy lifestyle by creating spaces for exercise, outdoor living, healthy cooking, privacy and retreat, conversation and connection with loved ones, and a restful night’s sleep. Don't delay living well at home!

A restful retreat is good for the soul (& your health)!


Say goodbye to awkward layouts, doors that don’t close correctly, leaky valves, and other quirky issues. Unfortunately, these things don't fix themselves! Say hello to a space that works for you. We create layouts and choose materials and furnishings that support the way you want to live in your home.

Home office designed for function and beauty.


Your home should uplift you, not bring you down. We believe in surrounding yourself with beauty and joy, inspiring you to live your best life. That's why our phrase is "live beautifully at home!"

This client's favorite room in the house, designed with her favorite colors and favorite objects - her happy oasis!

Invest in your happiness! Do not forego the peace of mind, improved functionality, healthier environment, and lasting beauty that a home redesign or remodel can bring to you! Invest in your happiness, invest in your HOME.


Ready to turn your renovation dreams into reality?  Good design and quality workmanship take time. Please book promptly, as we are quickly filling our schedules!


Trustworthy | Thoughtful | Tailored

Karen & Mark Hattan

Mark & Karen Hattan
Founders, Home by Hattan Design + Build

Beautifully combining luxury and livability,

we create homes that elevate the way you live.  Homes that feel inviting and special,

bringing a smile to your heart and

connection with those who mean the most.

 Because HOME is important, and so are the people who live there.


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