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How Much and How Long? Your Home Reno Questions, Answered

Updated: May 9

How much is this going to cost? How long will it take?

These are the BIGGIES - our most common home renovation questions. We will help you answer those questions today!

Before we jump into our main topic, let me do a quick introduction of the Home By Hattan General Contractor, Mark Hattan (that's me). I'm The "Build" side of our Design+Build team and am taking over Blog duties this week. I'll be doing more of these throughout the year, relaying all sorts of information about construction topics, tips and trends.

This week, we came across an article with some really interesting info that relates to the big questions that everyone wants to know when they start planning changes to their home.

How much will it cost? and How long will it take?

Whether we are working with clients who are deciding to move ahead with big renovations or just smaller updates to their space, these two questions are always asked.  And they should be, because they are an important part of every renovation, and they play a part in how you feel when the project is complete. When the process for selections and installation goes smoothly, and your room comes together beautifully, AND within your budget, it’s easy to just settle in and love your new space.


How much will it cost? 

If you haven’t done a renovation in a while, it can be a bit of a shock when you see an initial estimate for a project, so it’s important to have a realistic budget before you jump in.  Numbers vary quite a bit, but as a general guide, you can estimate total costs based on a percentage of what your home is currently worth. You can expect a complete primary bath renovation to be approximately 8 - 10% of the value of your house; a smaller bath/powder room at 2 - 5% of your home's value. For a full kitchen renovation, expect to pay around 20% of what your house is valued. You can get an idea of the value of your home currently, by clicking here. And download our Design + Build Magazine here (click the banner at top of the page).

According to the just-released 2024 U.S. Houzz & Home Study, an impressive 76% of homeowners set a budget for their home improvements last year.   Of those, 39% ended up going over budget on their project.  Factors for going over budget include unforeseen costs for products and services, increased project complexity, and choosing more expensive products and materials.




How long will it take?

Renovation projects are often divided into two parts: planning and construction. According to the recent Houzz & Home study, homeowners spend about twice as much time on the planning phase of a renovation project as they do on the construction phase. And that goes for all rooms. (That's because it is important to have a good design plan in place before any hammers start swinging!)



I am a do-it-yourself kind of guy, so the idea of turning over a project to someone else is really hard for me.  But, I have learned that even though I can do a job, doesn’t mean that I should take it on. I can do drywall work, but I’m really slow at it, and don’t have the best tools for it,  so it takes at least five coats before it looks acceptable, and I end up making an extra trip to the hardware store that I didn’t plan for.  A pro with the right tools can do the job quickly and perfectly with two coats, and so I choose to subcontract that out to drywall experts.

And so it is with renovations. You can do it by yourself, but the project may drag out longer than it should, you may miss a few important things that you never thought of, and it ends up being more expensive, and less rewarding, when you are done. While the table above shows average project lengths, I’m guessing that most people do not want to spend almost 12 months planning and building out a bathroom!   That’s where the team at Home By Hattan can help!  Step by step, our professional process makes your project a seamless experience.  Karen begins every project with a Discovery Call and her signature Explore & Establish Phase, to establish scope, style, and realistic budgets. Then she creates the designs and selects the products to fit you and your lifestyle, your aesthetics, your family, your needs and wants, your dream, and your budget - helping you avoid the overwhelm of putting it all together yourself and making a million decisions without expertise. Once your design plan is put together and products are on-site, then the real fun begins (for me, anyway), as the Build team goes to work to implement the plan – staying on budget and on schedule, allowing you to enjoy the project and Live Beautifully at Home!

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