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Guide to Hosting Your Easter Brunch

Happy Easter! We hope this season fills your heart with renewed hope, faith, and a fresh start! Since many of you are hosting an Easter gathering, we put together a handy brunch guide to make your job easier. From table settings and menus to finding the perfect floral arrangements, we've got you covered.

Let's hop right in...


For setting your Easter table, you will need to include several essential items, in repeated or coordinated colors:

  • A table runner and/or tablecloth

  • Repeating centerpieces, such as florals (or even bunnies!)

  • Cloth napkins

  • China, glass, or ceramic dishware

  • Stainless silverware

The table runner can be layered over a tablecloth or used by itself. Additionally, place a repeating centerpiece every two feet or so, depending on the length and shape of your dining table. In the photo above, I repeated blue & white porcelain, blue & white hydrangeas, blue & white table runner, and I even repeated the moss balls for a cohesive, pretty look.

Lastly, make sure the dishes match or coordinate well with each other and contrast with the cloth napkins. Add individualized party favors at each place setting for a finishing touch. You can give each guest a colored Easter Egg, or a flower, or other treat.


For a true brunch, breakfast casseroles and delicate desserts are delicious dishes to serve on Easter morning. Our family likes to share in a large lunch together after church, so our table is full of honey-glazed ham, salads, fruits, and breads. You can even create a fun pastel color festive drink to round out your brunch!

By the way, if your family is celebrating with brunch, you're going to love these brunch recipes:


Tulips and lilies are synonymous with Easter. Regardless of which flowers are your favorites, be sure to include several fresh bouquets throughout your home on Easter weekend. A large bouquet in the foyer and/or living room, in the kitchen, or on the dining table will make your home look festive and fresh.

Pro tip: Keep floral centerpieces on your dining table low and wide, low enough so that guests can converse across the table (or you can use several small bouquets spread down the table, if your table is large). Reserve your taller arrangements and decor in other areas of the home.

If you crave beyond beautiful bouquets, visit your local market, Trader Joe's, or take advantage of these online and local florists:



Life-giving color palettes

According to the experts, warm, vibrant hues will comprise the palettes of the season. From deep, dark neutrals to bright, bold jewel tones, we are excited to help our clients play with color this year. #teamcolor


Extend your drapery

If you want your home to look well-designed and professionally put together, request drapery that extends from floor to ceiling. This creates height and elegance in any space, regardless of aesthetics. Home by Hattan partners with several drapery experts and workrooms to bring our design ideas to life for you!



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