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Our Signature (& oh so helpful) Explore & Establish Service

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Why we start every Renovation with our Signature Explore & Establish Phase of Work

When you are considering as large an undertaking as a remodel, you feel excited and hopeful, and perhaps a bit overwhelmed. You have questions and concerns. You want to make sure this HUGE undertaking will be worth it! All the decisions, the mess, the noise - it's a large investment of time, money, and effort, and you want to make sure you will be thrilled with the result.

And you need a team you can trust. Somebody who "gets" what you want, and someone who will do it right. Someone who can manage the details and will take of everything the right way.

We get it! Setting up your project realistically and beautifully is important, and so is establishing trust.

And that's why we created our unique service we call "Explore and Establish."

Explore and Establish was created to help you answer all your burning questions - to do just what the name implies - to explore your vision and establish your project in such a way that everyone feels empowered, confident, heard, understood, and valued. We want to "get it right!"



Let's talk about what you want! We take the time to get to know you, your lifestyle, your goals, your hobbies, your family, and your vision for your home. We tour your home, we listen to you and your dreams, and we explore your lifestyle and goals. We let you get to know us! Together we:

  • explore the possibilities and the potential of your home renovation or redesign

  • explore how much each option might cost

  • explore your wants and needs -- are your ideas even feasible?

  • explore how you live, how you want to live, what you love and what you value, so that we can incorporate it into your design plans

  • explore how you want to feel in your new space

  • explore how we, Home by Hattan, work - what our process is, what to expect


We explore so that we can establish a project plan that you feel confident about! We establish:

  • a Scope of Work, customized for your project and for what you need

  • a realistic Investment for this Scope

  • initial design concepts and renovation space plans, enough to garner those realistic estimates

  • your style; the look and feel we will create in your home

  • your custom Project Overview Guide, including a Proposal to complete your project with Home by Hattan, should you desire to work with us!

This Signature Service was designed with YOU in mind, to help you feel knowledgeable and empowered, and ready to move forward knowing that you are making the BEST design decisions for you and your family.

In short, it sets us up for success.

Here's how it works:

Step #1 Explore: Initial Home Visit & Review


Part "Meet & Greet", part Consultation, and part Documentation Meeting, this initial home visit is fun and exciting! Karen will tour your home, getting to know you, your family, your lifestyle, and your hopes and dreams for your home. Karen will give freely of her design advice, while she uncovers the possibilities and potential of your home! She and her assistant will document each space with photos, notes, and general measurements. And finally you all will sit down to go through our HbyH Design & Renovation Process in detail, outlining your Next Steps and What to Expect.

Project scope and Investment

Step #2 Establish the Project: Scope, Plans, Investment

Karen and the team diligently review all home-related documentation and preferences, including a detailed Design Questionnaire we ask you to submit. We develop a detailed project scope, we research vendors and design preferences, and we create initial design ideas and renovation sketches. We meet for what we call our "Explore & Establish Session", in which we present findings and ideas for your review and refinement. We discuss priorities, and then together we establish project responsibilities, roles, reno plans, scope, and a realistic furnishings budget based on style preferences and lifestyle priorities. We work to set up your project in a way that everyone feels comfortable.

Renovation priorities

After the Explore & Establish Session, we share our preliminary plans with our in-house General Contractor (Home by Hattan BUILD) or any Trade Professionals we require (such as seamstresses or upholsterers) to obtain cost estimates for their involvement in your project.

Having our own in-house Contractor is so helpful in ascertaining feasibility for the ideas and goals we have in mind for your home, as well as obtaining estimates! (And during the project, it's priceless. We can really deliver a seamless experience from Design through Construction and Implementation!)

Step #3: Project Overview Presentation + Proposal

Project overview

An exciting and celebratory moment -- we meet to present your custom Project Overview Guide, which beautifully defines, illustrates, and establishes your project! We lay out the entire project, including what we propose for our design fee, the estimates from any Contractors or Trades, as well as the furnishings budget we created together, so you are fully informed of what this whole thing will cost - what it will really cost - down to the last door knob and pillow! And of course you get a sneak peek of what your designs may be!

If we both feel we are a good fit to work together, an invitation will be offered to continue working with us, to the beautiful completion of your project! You sign the contract, pay the design fee, and off we go, transforming your home! (If you decide not to work with us, the Project Overview Guide is still yours to keep and use as you wish!)

And that's why ....

And that is why we offer our Explore & Establish Service. We want to make sure we "get it right," setting the project up for success right from the beginning. We find it so helpful to work through these steps in order to develop a realistic project plan and investment for the renovation of your home, with everyone on the same page right from the beginning. Our goal with Explore & Establish is to ensure that everyone is informed and empowered and excited, and we are ready to roll, creating your beautiful home!

Because at Home by Hattan, we value HOME and the PEOPLE who live there. Our Guiding Principals are

Thoughtful. Tailored. Trustworthy.

and we are committed to those principals in everything we do. We strive to create an experience that is as beautiful and enjoyable as your custom finished home, and we feel that our Explore & Establish Phase is the perfect first step in this experience.

What happens next, after Explore & Establish?

We take care of everything from here on out! You get to sit back and enjoy the process while we design, manage, install, and style it all up! Then you live beautifully at home,while the Build and Design Teams work for you!

Ready to work with us? Let's talk!

Want to learn more about us?

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