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The Year in Review & What's Next in 2024

What a year! 2023 was quite the full year, with some wonderful high points and some scary low points for us Hattans.  We are so thankful for the growth and the good news that has come of such a tumultuous and terrific year.  We'd like to share our year with you and provide a little preview of what's next in 2024.

Our Favorite Highlights of 2023

Home by Hattan had its biggest growth yet in 2023! We rebranded and added a whole new specialty of Renovation Management, with the addition of General Contracting Services available in-house for our design clients! We can now seamlessly implement those design plans we create, without a hitch.  No more waiting to hear back from the contractor or the tile installer, because my new General Contractor is also my husband! So let's just say I can get in touch quickly. ;)

We added two fabulous new team members, our talented Associate Designer Tani Nielsen, as well as our new Studio Assistant, Sandy Le. 

And we also grew in our depth of projects -- Home by Hattan completed 10 renovations (multi-room or new additions), several stagings for the real estate market, and at least 10 decorating/design projects! Our Clients are all wonderful, and we now consider each and every one of them friends.

Behind the scenes, Karen worked very hard with marketing teams to create a new website, new service offerings, and a whole new branding suite for Home by Hattan -- logos, colors, online content, and even merchandise.  (If you'd like a Home by Hattan tape measure or t-shirt, just let us know and we'll send you one!)

Our Toughest Challenges of 2023

2023 brought its fair share of challenges, unfortunately, too. In fact, some may say it brought more than its fair share of challenges.  Rebranding, new licensures, new website, and all the unexpectedness of renovations are challenging enough on their own. But added to all those growing pains were some tough cancer diagnoses for our family.  Our son Ben, age 19,  received a diagnosis of a rare form of Lymphoma early this summer, and just a few weeks earlier we found out that my mother-in-law's previous cancer had returned in her brain.  The summer was scary, confusing, and hard as we navigated the system and determined what to do. Thankfully - oh so thankfully - both of our beloved family members have responded well to treatments, and at this time, both are doing incredibly well and have a very positive prognosis! (We would still appreciate prayers from you, if you are a person who prays!)

Ben ringing the bell at completion of radiation treatments.

Our Big Plans & Goals for 2024

We are so excited for 2024, and have big plans! We are looking forward to more family celebrations, more large-scale renovation projects, and continued transformations of homes - including second homes and vacation homes!

Professionally, both Mark and Karen have goals to build our Home by Hattan Team, especially in terms of trusted vendors and trade professionals. We will be working to strengthen our current connections and looking to form new relationships with quality providers and trusted partners to provide beautiful home furnishings and quality workmanship for you.

And we plan to really dive deep into what it looks like to function in rhythm as a business team, not just a parenting team or a married couple team -- refining and perfecting our systems and processes to provide you with a more streamlined and enjoyable experience (while keeping our marriage intact, ha!). We will strive to find that balance between work and family, as we look to form relationships with new clients who become "like family."

We love transforming homes and building relationships - so while we do not have any plans for our own reality TV show, we do look forward to creating and sharing many "BIG REVEALS" with you this year! (Could one of them be yours!?!)

Working with You in 2024

We hope to work with you in 2024! If you are considering a remodel, a renovation, or just some new decor, please reach out now to get on our schedule for 2024.  Renovation or multi-room projects in particular take time and planning, so let's get started with your plans!

We offer several ways to work with us -- from a one-time design consultation if you just need some advice or a couple of new items -- to full concierge turnkey design and renovation services. Mark and I work together during every aspect of your project, consulting one another to provide you with peace of mind and to ensure you are thrilled with the end result -- so you can live beautifully at home!

It starts as simply as scheduling a free Discovery Call to create your Home Sweet Home!

Here's to the New Year!

Thank you for your support, thank you for your referrals to friends and family, and thank you for being a part of our story! May 2024 be a healthy and happy year for us all!


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